Uploading and submitting stock images

  • dreamstime_xxl_999812
    Woman with coffee
  • dreamstime_xxl_13422981
    Coffee and pastries
  • dreamstime_xxl_17143939
    Magical sunset
  • IMG_4398
    Homemade bread
  • IMG_5042
    Autumn landscape
  • IMG_5255
    Editorial photo of coca cola vending machine at subway station
  • IMG_5656
    Young woman showing smartphone

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  1. January 30, 2014

    […] A couple of days pass and you can now see your images in the searches but they are too far behind other images. You need to know that search engines take in consideration a lot of factors, but the most important for you, and they ones you should focus on are title, description, keywords. Aim for accuracy, simplicity and keep it on topic. You don’t have to be a writer to have good image description and keywords. Look for synonyms for the the words you will be writing and use them as well. Your title and description should show similarity but they should never be identical. Read more about how to upload your images for best results in my post on Uploading and Submitting Stock Images. […]

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